April 2022


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April 2022


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Hello, my name is Abe Lessing, and thanks for dropping by, and it's a blessing to have you here, and you're not on this page by accident! The information you'll be reading and watching here will be vital for you in the coming days. Your physical health, your mental health and spiritual health are all under threat, and I do not say this lightly. I'm interested only in giving you the facts. And the threats we face have nothing at all to do with any supposed world-wide flu either! But speaking of the supposed covid...

In many ways, the nagging heaviness we're all feeling in these post-covid days isn't tangible, is it. It's not like a rotten tooth you can pull and be free of the pain. Yes, we're going about our daily lives again, but something's changed in us over these last two years. You can't see it or touch it but it's there. I'd describe it as a buried invisible heaviness, an oppressive sitting tenant that's rented a space in our heads and we just can't evict. And two years on, the covid 'presence' is still with us, buried deep, and still scraping around all hours and robbing so many of us of a good night's sleep.

And it's not as if we can declare we're the other side of covid either. The way the infection rate headlines have been reading in April 2022, and with Shenzhen in full lockdown again and with warnings in the UK press of a fourth and even fifth covid variant on the loose, maybe our freedoms these last few months have been just a short window of sunshine, a momentary break in the covid clouds? Will the monster return? Or some other monster, even?

This is the nagging heaviness, the oppressive tenant. And what makes it all a thousand times worse is the fact there's no truth to this c19 pandemic WHATSOEVER! These last two years have all been a monstrous lie!

WHAT? Covid all a lie? What ON EARTH are you talking about? Are you denying anyone's been ill or died? Where do I even begin with your nonsense! No wonder you conspiracists get the bad press you do! Stay away from me! I'm angry just being in the same room as you! And so we see how divisive it is to even begin to question the covid status quo.

To go against the mainstream covid flow is anathema. Anathema - meaning: something completely wrong and offensive. But however wrong or offensive, none of this changes the fact the covid19 pandemic has been a lie from the start. Smoke and Mirrors shows how we are living in a land of lying giants! We've been lied to by our pharmaceutical giants, lied to by our government giants, lied to by our scientific and medical giants and lied to by a giant and conniving mainstream media. We've been hypnotised by their covid shock and awe tactics, transfixed by lying signs and wonders, hence And the magnitude of this deception has been off the scale! And so too is the division of opinion.

There are no grey areas in the covid debate, no no-man's land. You're either on board with infectious c19 or you're a fully-fledged, covid-denying anti-vaxxer conspiracist! Present a contrary covid argument to a room, and unless you're very careful, feelings are soon running high. But Smoke and Mirrors is looking to change all that.

Smoke and Mirrors has been written in the hope both sides will lose their sharp edges. We're all the same flesh and blood and there should be no falling out over any of this. We're all adults, and we need to have a rational, adult conversation about what's been going on these last two years, and the sooner the better, because potentially, all our lives are at stake with the great covid deception, and for reasons which become apparent as this story unfolds.

I also know that for the 'covid conspiracists' reading this, you'll already have some measure of the deceivers in this game, and you'll be thinking the political and industrial and media giants pushing the covid agenda are so huge, so all-powerful, they're beyond toppling, beyond slaying, and we haven't a chance against them. But you'd be DEAD WRONG about that! This is our time now. The covid giants aren't going to be allowed to get away with it any longer! The giants' days are numbered, my friend, and Smoke and Mirrors is your giant slayer!

And the key to evicting this oppressive covid 'presence' from our lives and coming out from under the greater covid darkness is recognising the true nature of the battle. Smoke and Mirrors argues it's in the invisible spiritual realms where the real battle is taking place. The giants we face are not so much physical giants, they're spiritual giants! And not only that, these giants have been sent to test us! And there will be more of them coming soon!

Deceiving giants sent to test us? Yes. And more on the way? I believe so, yes. A helpful analogy to our current situation is found in Adam Houge's book Slaying Your Giants. Says Adam, 'Ultimately, if you know your giants have been appointed by God for you to overcome them, why would you fear them? Be bold in your faith and take heart. For the Lord intends to save you from your giants and bless you with something greater.'

So, here is an altogether new concept for us to wrap our heads around. There's a God out there Who is appointing spiritual giants to test us, and if we look to Him to overcome these giants instead of man, we can have the victory. Woah! This has turned all heavy and weird and wonderful all of a sudden!

And you might reply, God and covid? What have God and giants and supernatural tests got to do with ANYTHING, let alone a pandemic??? No, mate, you can keep your God stuff, I'm not into spirituality. This is a scientifically proven virus, the evidence is overwhelming. I'll stick with the medical experts, thank you. And why would they lie about this? And what kind of God would play a covid testing game with us, anyway? I'm outta here!

And if that's you, I get it, but please don't exit just yet. Smoke and Mirrors is not in any way a religious text. Far from it! Aside from whatever God may or may not be out there, in here you'll find life-changing and even life-saving information on our wicked governments and medical institutions that even the hardened atheist will have no trouble reading and digesting. Did you know for instance, the c19 virus has never been proven to exist, and the authorities have also admitted this? But you'll not hear that on your 'covid news'. You'll be shocked at what you'll discover here, and you'll only benefit by reading on, I promise you.

But let's not be put off at the mention of invisible spiritual realms. All of us have had times when we've sensed an invisible lightness about a place or someone who gives you the cold shivers. We don't like to talk about these things too much, it goes against the grain in this mechanistic, scientific world of ours today.  But what if there really are realms we cannot physically see, invisible forces for Good, as well as dark, spiritually unhealthy forces?

And if we think about the last two years, the 'covid presence' has certainly felt more than just a physical presence at times, wouldn't you agree? For me, during the lock downs particularly, this was a period of almost tangible darkness. Think back, my friend, I know I'll not be alone in this.

And also, there's no denying there's been something odd about this 'pandemic', so much stuff that just doesn't add up. But because we were all swept up in the panic of it all, we've had no time to sit down and actually think about any of it! BUT WE MUST DO THIS! I repeat, our health, our freedoms and our lives are at stake here, there's a lot more coming down the pipe, and forewarned is forearmed. Forewarned is forearmed - meaning: prior knowledge of possible dangers or problems in order to give one a tactical advantage.

And when we're given the time and space to join the darker covid dots, we see in Smoke and Mirrors how we REALLY been deceived by these c19 giants, and they're dangerous too! And we see the whole spiritual element to the covid phenomenon come alive too! Suddenly, the lights come on, suddenly we see these giants for who they really are. And in understanding our true enemy, we find our darker fears are removed, and atheist, agnostic or believer, we feel so much lighter! As Adam Houge says, we are blessed with something far greater!

To ALL who have been fearful these last two years because of your covid sitting tenant and because of where the world seems headed, and we have the Ukraine Russia crisis beating on our door now, DO NOT LOSE HEART! There IS hope in a dry land! Smoke and Mirrors gives you everything you need to enable you to come out from under your own covid cloud. Let Smoke and Mirrors be that rational, adult conversation, the melting of entrenched positions and the breaking down of dividing covid walls!

And whilst we might not be able to change any of the evil we see in the world, Smoke and Mirrors will certainly change your outlook on your giants! Here is where all the pieces of the grand covid deception fit together and many other deceptions besides! Covid is the least of the giants we face. But we do not fear! Here is where you find your giant-slaying sword! And here also is where you can find the soul peace you've been seeking, the Pearl of Greatest Price! And how wonderful to have soul peace in these troubled days.

My friend, you ARE a giant slayer! You just don't know it yet.

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  1. What a labor of love! Wake up evereebodeee! This has been such a liberating book to read! You write so well. I'm definately going to be seding this to my family and friends.